Styles of Narrowboat


Cruiser Style

This style of craft is great for social cruising and families. Cruiser style narrowboats feature a large rear deck area giving plenty of room and space on deck for sharing the steering and enjoying time with your friends and family near you whilst you cruise. In the cruiser style narrowboat the engine is conveniently located under the outside rear deck making access for maintenance and daily checks very comfortable and easy.

As narrowboating has become more of a pleasant leisure activity, the cruiser style narrowboat has become very popular.  Although more space outside means less space inside, with modern fit-outs the room is usually so well used that you will hardly notice it. It is common for the aft doors to be situated either in the centre or to one side depending on what fits best with the internal arrangements. You will usually find a protective rail around the rear deck making this a safe place to stand for you, your children and your family pets.


Trad Style

The Trad style narrowboat has a short aft deck giving room for one person. This style of boat best replicates the old working boats of the narrowboat system and have plenty of space inside for accomodation and leisure time. This style is very popular with live aboard boaters. Engines are cleverly housed partly below the rear deck and partly under boarding within the aft cabin.

Semi Trad

As the Cruiser style boat became very popular with its emphasis on social cruising the semi trad was created to be a cross between the Trad and the Cruiser. The open cockpit above the engine has the advantage of easy access to the engine compartment and the extended cabin sides give the illusion of the beauty of the old style traditional boat. The rear area is left open on top which makes a pleasant sheltered space for spending time outside on your boat.

Replica Trad

The replica trad style boats are a real canal enthusiasts dream. They were created to maintain the look and feel of the original narrowboat users, the working boats of yesteryear. These boats are often mid-engined and can feature vintage engines such as Gardner and original Lister diesels. Much attention is lavished on this style of boat with the boat builders creating the working boat look using original features such as pigeon boxes and riveted sides within the steelwork fabrication. The historical appearance is often completed by using traditional signwriting and decorative styles for the coach work borrowed from times gone by.

The replica trad boat often features a boatmans cabin at the rear of the boat again lavishly decorated in traditional style making a delighful home for all your boating nick knacks. The main accomodation and living area is situated foward of the engine room in the remainder of the cabin.

Tug Style

The Tug style narrowboat features a long fore-deck that is usually completely decked over with steel plating grooved to simulate wood planking. This is a great space for outdoor entertaining and for whiling away a summers evening. It is common for tug style boats to be fitted out in a more historic style using portholes for windows and having a trad style stern arrangement.

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