Simply get in touch and we’ll discuss the best time and place we can meet to view and value the vessel for you.
Yes. We would ask that you give our Swanley Brokerage team a call so we can reserve a pontoon space for you and greet you on arrival.
Yes. We would arrange with the marina that you take a mooring with them.
Yes, it states in our terms and condition that we require a 3 months notice period which you can easily do by contacting the office.This is required in writing.
Yes we try and keep all of the brokerage boats together so we can complete accompanied viewings on several boats at once.
Yes we will arrange viewings around you. Mooring fees will still need to be paid to the marina in this case.
We will require copy of your insurance policy, the original BSC, your RCD manuals, any receipts, a signed brokerage agreement form, a completed and signed inventory form and proof of ownership, any other paper-work/manuals you have for the vessel.
If you purchased the vessel from a brokerage then you will have a bill of sale confirming all the details of the sale. We must be able to prove you are the legal owner and have the right to sell the boat.
Yes this simply means that you are classed as the legal owner and we will only need your signature on our paper-work.
This is the boating equivalent of a car’s MOT certificate. There is a set regulation that once a boat is 4 years old it must have a BSC completed every four years. You cannot licence, insure or even moor in most cases any used vessel without this document.
This is also a set regulation which applies to almost all boats built after 1998, whether built by a professional boat builder or an amateur. It requires that the boat meets certain essential requirements – covering such things as stability, dimensions, the installation of gas and electrical systems plus other items.
Yes. However we will require details of the agreement from you as well as a settlement figure/letter from the company.
Yes if you decide to sell the boat before its 5years old. You in effect take on the role of the boat builder and take responsibility for completing the boat to RCD standard. The builder of the hull should have issued you with an Annex 3a declaration of conformity, confirming that the hull and any work he has completed meets the RCD requirements. Once the boat reaches 5 years old it’s not compulsory to have the RCD completed.
Yes as long as you have stated this in our inventory form to avoid any confusion later down the sales process.
No. It does state in our terms and conditions that it is the vendor’s responsibility to maintain, clean, winterise and secure the vessel. It is also advised that isolation switches are turned off.
No. We will pay you in full as soon as we have received full cleared funds, all the correct documents have been completed and ownership has changed.
No we can either issue payment by splitting the final balance 50/50. Or if we have confirmation in writing from both parties we will be happy to issue payment to either one of you.
No, you are still the legal owner of the boat until the boat has been paid for and ownership has been changed. We will contact you with a date and time that the ownership will be changed and this is when you can cancel your insurance.